Student Leadership

2017 School Leaders

These are our 2017 House and Vice House captains who presented a speech in front of all the students in their house and were selected by their fellow peers.


We are very proud to present to you our 2017 school leaders. These students were chosen through an interview process at the end of 2016 and we believe that they will be outstanding leaders of our school this year.


Archar, Annaliese, Lizzy and Tom






2017 has seen the introduction of a dedicated Student Voice. Each year level has selected two representatives based on a set of guidelines.

The representatives have designed a logo and have their photos on display for the school to see. They meet with their year level one week and then as a group the next. They have asked their fellow students how the school can be improved. There were many, many ideas and these were grouped and then ordered around their importance to the children. Mrs Stewart, the Principal and Mrs Horsley, the School Council President, then met with the reps and asked more detailed questions. The Student Leadership group are now going to use their skills learnt in the Leadership Course they attended in Term One to write submissions to Mrs Stewart and the School Council.

The Student Voice have also ran a competition to encourage families to collect Earn and Learn stickers.

They will continue to be a direct line of contact between students and school leadership with suggestions and ideas on how to improve their school.