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Term 4


We have had a great start to Term 4! Wow we cannot believe how fast the year has gone and that we are now almost at the end of Year 3. We have a busy term ahead so you can keep updated by the Year 3 Newsletter. 

Check out our term 4 learning plans so far ......


 Week 1 CAFÉ Strategy: Text to Self connections

Week 2 CAFÉ Strategy: Text to Text connections

Week 3 CAFÉ Strategy: Text to World connections

Week 4 CAFÉ Strategy: Synthesizing

Week 5 CAFÉ Strategy: Synthesizing

Week 6 CAFÉ Strategy: Main Idea

Week 7 CAFÉ Strategy: Main Idea



Weeks 1-4:

Genre focus: Procedure

Editing focus: Titles

Vocabulary focus: Action Verbs

Week 5-8:

Genre focus: Explanations

Editing focus: Sentence formation and ending punctuation.

Vocabulary focus: Conjunctions

Week 8-11

Genre focus: Transactional

Editing focus: Punctuation strategies.

Vocabulary focus: Revision of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.



Week 1-3: Statistics and Probability: Chance

Week 4-5: Number and Algebra: Money and Financial Maths

Week 6-8: Number and Algebra: Patterns and Algebra




Important Dates:






Friday, 3rd November

Curriculum Day


Monday, 6th November

House Sports


Tuesday, 7th November

Melbourne Cup Day


Friday, 24th November

PCS Fete


Tuesday, 5th December

Christmas Picnic and Concert


Wednesday, 20th December

Year 6 Graduation


Friday, 22nd December

Last day of Term 4!



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Term 3

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Edition 3:




Welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. We all hope you had a fantastic break over the holidays. Our Year Three students have settled into their new classes extremely well and we have started some great new learning ventures together. We have all been working hard in Literacy and Numeracy programs.


This term the Year 3 students will be sitting the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy test (NAPLAN). We will be spending first four weeks getting the students ready for this test through our NAPLAN boot camp program. Students will be immersed into different concepts involving Literacy, Maths and Writing that may be on the test. This is purely just to remind students’ about the concepts they have already been taught.


Our second topic unit is called “Change- Looking Backwards and Forwards”. This will allow students to explore how things have changed over time and how they think it will continue to change in the future. We have begun to explore this by identifying the term ‘Olden Days’ and determining if objects are current or used a long time ago.



This term important notices include:

  • Spelling homework will start this term. Students are to practice their words and complete the task within the week.
  • ANZAC DAY (Public Holiday) next Tuesday 25th April
  • Mother’s Day Afternoon will be held on Friday 12th of May
  • NAPLAN will begin in week 5 from 9th-11th May
  • Athletics will be Thursday the 25th of May
  • Aerobics teams have begun to train. The first competition will be held at MSAC on Saturday June 17th.
  • End of Term will be 30th of June



We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead.

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Hayley Cammerino

James Zgymunt

Cait Ruseler

Samantha Lovegrove




Term 2 Week 9



Term 2 Week 7 & 8



Term 2 Week 6



Term 2 Week 3



































Welcome to Year 3  

Welcome to back to Pakenham Consolidated. We have started the year to a great start here in Year 3. We hope all our families had a brilliant summer holiday break. We are very excited to work with our students and see them achieving success in Year 3.


They Year 3 team consists of Samantha Lovegrove (Team Leader), Caitlin Ruseler, James Zygmunt and Hayley Cammerino. You can find us located in room 23, (3JZ), room 24 (3HC), room 9 (3SL) and room 10 (3CR).


We also have our class mascots in each grade. In 3HC we have Teal the dragon, 3JZ Dino the dinosaur, 3CR Squirtal the turtle and 3SL Elliot the Elephant.


Some of the fantastic programs the Year 3 students will participate in this term include;


  • Maths Groups
  • Maths Masters sessions
  • Voices writing programs
  • Daily 5 Literacy sessions
  • CAFE reading strategies
  • Topic Unit on Identity
  • Library Sessions
  • Specialist Programs this semester include PE, Science, Performing Arts and ICT
  • Circle Time

Student newsletter will be starting back up this year. If you could please start giving your child's classroom teacher your emails so we can begin sending them out.