Grade 5

Grade 5 2017


Welcome to Grade 5 !



WELCOME to Grade 5 2017! We are very excited to be working with our students this year, helping them to succeed in all areas!



The Grade 5 team consists of Sarah Nixon (Team Leader), Dean Scanlon, Jenny Davies, Matt Grimshaw and Jade Foot. You can find us located in room 5 (5JD), room 6 (5MG), room 7 (5NF) and room 8 (5DS). 



Some of the fantastic programs the Grade 5 students will participate in this year include;



  • Electives
  • Sports Days
  • Ability based Maths Groups
  • Daily 5 and CAFE Literacy sessions
  • Maths Masters sessions
  • Growth Mindset
  •  1:1 iPad program
  • Gender Groups
  • Interschool Sports



 Term 4 Topic - Curiosity: Why is it so?


Our whole school topic for Term Four is 'Curiosity'. The focus for Grade 5s will be on physical and chemical science as well as looking at the scientific process. Over the term students will be investigating how physics and chemistry impact on their world and will conduct a range of experiments. 

Important events for Grade 5 this term:


  • 12th October - Student First Aid session
  • 20th October - Lightning Premiership Day (For selected students)
  • 3rd November - Curriculum Day
  • 6th November - Whole School Sports Day
  • 7th November - Melbourne Cup Day (No School)
  • 24th November - PCS Fete


To keep up to date with all current news in Grade 5 including upcoming events, fortnightly newsletters will be uploaded on our school website.



Kind regards,


Grade 5 Team.


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