The aim of the Pakenham Consolidated Schools Mathematics program is to develop in students, a confident understanding of mathematical concepts, processes and the ability to apply this knowledge effectively to real life situations.  Each child will experience success and achieve appropriate learning outcomes. Important mathematical skills and concepts will be experienced by students in our Maths workshops as well as the Pakenham Consolidated School Maths Masters program. 


At Pakenham Consolidated School Mathematics is a fluid moving, student need based, maths workshopping. Maths groups are run in straight year levels, with exception to the grade five and six year levels who work together.


The program is a Pre/Post-test model which directly identifies the individual learning needs of students, allows for explicit, targeted teaching and allows students learning growth to be clearly identified. Mathematic concepts are taught over three week blocks. This aligns with the current best practices for teaching of mathematics.


The Mathematical lesson structure at Pakenham Consolidated School is consistent throughout each classroom. Every lesson consists of:

  1. The ‘Engagement section or ‘Tune In’ introduction, is where the students learning focus for the lesson is explained WALT (We Are Learning To), discussed and examples demonstrated.
  2. The ‘Practice’ section, involves students working through mathematical problems and building confidence in the concept. Students will rotate through a mixture of explicit teaching focus groups, strategy or skilled maths game groups, consolidating math skills worksheet groups and online maths program groups. 
  3. The ‘Reflection’ stage of the lesson allows students to look back on their learning (did they achieve the WALT), ask questions, receive feedback, share findings and discuss the real life relevance of the Mathematical concept learnt.


At Pakenham Consolidated School the students participate in a school specifically designed ‘Maths Masters’ program. The program aligns with Dianne Siemon’s ‘Developing Big ideas in number’ and was developed to instil the key basics of number sense into our students, while creating a fun and rewarding Maths program for all. It is hoped that this program along with links to websites will be made available on this website later this year. This will be an invaluable tool for parents and guardians to assist their children to further develop their mathematical skills.  



The ‘Getting Ready in Numeracy’ (GRIN) program is implemented in every year level and serves as an intervention program to help those students who require further assistance in building an understanding of basic maths concepts.