3In Years 5 & 6 students participate in an Electives program which offers a whole range of subjects to choose from each term including fitness, cooking, dance, art, science, ICT and Wood Technology. Students choose 2 subjects a term and participate in each subject for 2 hours a week.



Woodwork – Mr Jendy, Mrs Foot and Handy Andy

Students will learn how to design and build different wood works using the skills of hammering, painting, sawing, engraving and assembling. They will have the opportunity to design and construct individual pieces to take home and enjoy.

Cartoon Drawing – Mrs Jones

Students will investigate cartoon faces, people, animals, transport, mythical creatures and food. They will be able to use a range of mediums such as textas, pastels, watercolours, papers and charcoal.

Craft for Fete/Charity – Mrs Jones

Students will create a range of products to take home and to sell at the fete. Items include pop-up cards, wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments, coloured sand bottles, snow globes, bath bombs and soaps.  



Hip Hop – Ms Taylor

This elective will be exploring the dance style of Hip Hop. Students will learn individual and team choreography and different unique dance moves to go towards a group performance later in the term.

PCS News – Miss Astridge

In the PCS news elective, students will be using cameras and iPads to create videos for the school news. They can interview staff and students, create challenges, review books or games and use their imaginations to create new programs. Students will be using MovieMaker on the computer to edit the videos and create a short clip.

Drama – Ms Taylor

The focus for students in this drama elective is to increase their confidence when speaking in front of an audience. Students will be involved in theatre sports and acting lessons performing without the pressure of a large school performance.


Stop Motion – Miss Coutts

In the Stop Motion elective students will have the opportunity to explore the world of Stop Motion Animation. Students will look at different ways of creating stop motion such as Lego, cartooning, clay and playdough. Students will then create their Stop Motion Animation through the use of a series of images using the iPad app 'Stop Motion'.




Masterchef – Mrs Woodberry and Mr Dainty

During this elective students are introduced to cooking a variety of foods in a safe, fun environment. Students follow recipes and instructions to create a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Each week students will have food that they have personally cooked to consume on their own or share with the family. Each week students are required to provide an air tight container to safely transport their delicious creations.

MineCraft – Miss Astridge

In this elective students will be using Minecraft to explore the world and learn about problem solving, abstract and creative thinking. They will design a world and work through challenges to achieve self-set goals. Students will use the Minecraft Education edition on the computers.

Chemical Experiments – Miss Coutts

Students will explore the world of chemical experiments through weekly hands one experiments. Students will look at solids, liquids and gases, reversible and irreversible changes, and chemical reactions.




Basketball – Mrs Foot

In this elective students will learn the basic skills needed to play basketball. They will focus on concepts such as defence, ball handling, shooting and fitness. They will learn the importance of teamwork and participate in various activities that work on their communication and cooperation when working within a team.

Soccer – Miss Gardiner

Throughout the Soccer Elective with Mrs Gardiner, students will focus on learning the basic fundamental skills used in soccer such as kicking, trapping, dodging, weaving and how to be a goalie. Students will also learn the rules and tactics used in Soccer and work on defensive and attacking tactical plays.

Gymnastics – Miss Gardiner

Throughout the Gymnastics Elective with Mrs Gardiner, students will have the opportunity to perform basic movement and body awareness through our gymnastics unit. Students will learn skills using the vault, trampoline and floor mat routines. A focus on safe stretching activities to enhance flexibility will be included in each lesson. They will also design and perform a simple gymnastics routine which will include a variety of different movement sequences and transitioning from one skill to another.

Football/Floorball – Mr Jendy 

During this elective students will be learning the basic skills needed to play Australian Rules Football. They will participate in a variety of activities that will develop their ball handling, kicking, fitness and agility. They will explore the importance of teamwork and take part in weekly team building activities that aim to strengthen their communication when working with others.