Grade 1

Grade 1 2017

It’s fun to be in Grade 1! 

Welcome back to the Grade One’s for Term 4! It has been an amazing year so far in Grade One and we are looking forward to the great things ahead for our final term. You can keep updated on upcoming events by reading the Year 1 Newsletter below.


This term we will be continuing all of our Literacy and Numeracy programs across our classrooms, including:

  • Maths Groups
  • Maths Masters
  • CAFÉ Reading
  • VCOP Writing
  • Single Word Spelling Program


Our whole school Topic this term is ‘Curiosity’, with Grade One’s focusing on ‘It’s About Time’. Throughout this Topic, the Grade One’s will be exploring and developing their ability to answer the questions:

  • What are the skills I need to be curious?
  • In what ways can we explore the past?


They will be considering what it means to be curious, while building their own ability to question things of the past and the things around them, providing them with the skills necessary to be lifelong learners. Students will also use their developing curiosity to examine the past, as they begin to understand how this has affected the way we live now!



Some important dates this term include:


  • Grade One Dinner on Friday the 20th of October
  • Bandanna Day on Friday the 27th of October
  • Curriculum Day on Friday the 3rd of November
  • Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday the 7th of November
  • House Sports on Monday the 6th of November
  • Whole School Fete on Friday the 24th of November (twilight 3- 7pm)
  • House Meetings on Friday the 1st of December
  • ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICNIC & CONCERT on Tuesday the 5th of December




Kind regards,




The grade 1 team: Mrs Kadic (1ZK), Miss Sutcliffe (1KS), Miss Collins (1CC), Miss Albrecht (1EA) and Miss Abson (1JA









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